Ultimate Hospital Checklist For Mom & Baby

hospital bag checklist
hospital bag checklist.

Your baby would be soon in this admirable world. The amazing journey of pregnancy will relish your mind even after number of years. Before we go into that phase, let’s get back to the hospital bag for baby. You must have decorated your baby’s room, stock up the toys, and bought all the baby gears. Now, it’s time to look over your hospital bag. Many of the couple over look the importance of hospital bag and procrastinate till your first labor contraction. To avoid the mess, just do it now!

When to start packing up the hospital bag?

If you know that you don’t have any chances of early baby arrival then you can chill a bit. But if there are any possibilities of high risk pregnancy or preterm birth, the couple should start look over packing the hospital bag as soon as mom to be is 35 weeks pregnant. But if you’re having normal delivery baby due date you should can start packing up the things by 37 weeks but don’t extend till 39 week.

Hospital bag for pregnant woman during labor!

Hospital papers and ID card

Hospital papers, Identity card, and Insurance papers. Your hospital papers will help the doctor with your medical records. Hospital needs some kind of Identity card or medical card for their reference. Insurance papers will aid you to give concessions. Therefore, put all the papers in proper file that will make them easy to see it.

To pass time

During labor, you need something to pass your time. Books and magazines will soothe your mind. Don’t you social media, give them a back seat for sometime.

Body lotion

During labor some mom’s need some labor relaxing. Well, putting massage oil or body lotion will help you.

Hydrate your lips

During labor your lips can turn into concrete chips, use lip lotion to avoid it.

Carry Gown

During labor you don’t need dressing gown that might make you uncomfortable. Bring on your own dressing gown.

Pull up your socks!

During labor your feet might get cold, bring on socks which are anti skid. You know how hospital floors are.

Eye Mask

Staying in a bright maternity ward can irritate you in your labor period, wearing eye masks or ear plugs will get you away from all the world’s fuzziness.

Hospital bag checklist for Mom: After baby arrival!

Heavy maternity pads

It’s normal to bleed a lot after delivery and to absorb all the blood you need heavy maternity pads which are softer and more comfortable then your normal ones. Buy a lot of them. It might happen that you need to change every two hours but as the time progresses, it will decrease.

Modern world lifeline

Phone and charger. If you’re thinking to upload the pictures of your baby and send them to your contact list, you can’t forget your phone and charger!

Maternity bras

Buying this will support your enlarged breasts and also avoid the leak. Take care that these bras are not underwired. Don’t forget to buy six months of maternity clothes and flat shoes.

Hospital bag check list for your baby


At least carry a bunch of 20 to 30 diapers. Your baby might need 10 to 12 diapers a day. And buying diapers in bundle can end up giving you a good discount!

Car seat

Before your baby travels in the car, the car seat should be installed according to the baby. Therefore take care that there is a right car seat!\


Newborns are most likely to catch cold. Most of the hospitals do provide you blankets. In worse case, you need to carry your own as you need to cover him during driving home.

You can’t forget hospital bag of your partner!

Smile Please!

Who doesn’t want to preserve memories of newborn baby? The time you hold the baby for first time, your partner need to capture the memory.

Toiletries and clothes

Carrying clothes, toothbrush, shampoo, towel and all the morning essential will make him look fresh for the day.

My Stomach is making some noise!

Tell your partner to carry his own food. You don’t want to share your food with anyone else!

Small pillow!

Hospital’s pillow are quite uncomfortable. Carrying a small pillow in hospital bag will help him to have a sound sleep

We hope that the ultimate list will help you to make your hospital bag.


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