Vaccines every new parent must get

Vaccines for new parents
Vaccines for new parents

Anticipation for your baby to get here can touch the roof, it is hard to wait any longer when you are ready for it arrival, with the clothes, crib, bed and everything the baby might need after its arrival. But what we often do not add on the list is getting ourselves vaccinated. It is almost shocking to know how many parents are actually clueless about this one. Yes after the birth of the baby it needs several vaccinations but we need a couple ourselves too before the baby arrives. Vaccines form an integral part of the hygiene routine that every parent, grandparent, and caregiver should take before they tend to the baby.

Why do new parents need vaccination?

Your newborn even if he gets vaccinated, will have to get the others when he is older and the only source through which your baby can get infected is you. The vaccines that you take during your pregnancy plays an important role in how your immune system is and safeguards your health as well as the babies. It is essential for new parents to get vaccinated to maintain a certain immunity level around the newborn baby as he is too young to get started on his vaccination doses.

Flu vaccine and pertussis are the common vaccines every parent is told to get before the baby arrives. The antibodies that the flu vaccine generates in our body gets circulated in the body of the baby as well, which gives him protection in his early life. This is very effective as there is no flu vaccine available for newborn babies before they hit 6 months.

Can I vaccinate while I am breastfeeding?

Women’s body after giving birth is weak and at higher risk of getting health complications. As your body went through a tremendous amount of changes when it was pregnant. It is completely alright for you to get vaccinated while you are still breastfeeding. The vaccine will not have any harmful side effects on the baby. In fact, there is enough evidence that points out that babies who are breastfed have a better response to immunizations than babies who are formula-fed.

Vaccine shots for parents


TDAP vaccines for new parents are very important as they are the primary caregivers of the baby. The Td booster dose is supposed to be repeated after every 10 years, while the TDAP is taken only once.  This vaccine can be taken when your pregnancy is in an advanced stage or after the birth of the baby,

Hepatitis B

This vaccine protects you and your baby from the dangerous disease Hepatitis B. It virus is life-threatening and can cause cancer and liver diseases among infants at their birth. An infected mother of a newborn baby can risk passing on the infection to the infant. Avoid getting the vaccination if you are allergic to yeast.


The vaccine protects you from Mumps, Measles, and Rubella. Measles are a highly contagious virus that spreads rapidly among those who are not vaccinated against it. Babies are at a higher risk of getting measles as they cannot be vaccinated. All these three viruses can cause congenital disabilities among babies. You can avoid this vaccine if you have already taken 2 shots of MMR


It protects you and your baby from flu. A large number of people die from flu every year.

Varicella Vaccine

This vaccine is to protect you and the baby from chicken pox. Anyone who has never had chickenpox can get infected with this virus. This is highly contagious and can pass on to your baby from you.

Pneumococcal Polysaccharide

The pneumococcus bacteria are known to cause pneumonia, meningitis, and other blood infections. Infants, due to their low immunity are highly vulnerable to this bacterial infection.

Taking care of everybody that is going to surround your baby is quite important, before the baby arrives talk to your doctor and get a list of vaccines you and your partner will have to get.


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