How to take care of yourself after birth?

spending me time after baby birth
spending me time after baby birth

After your baby arrives it will be a life-changing experience and quickly everything will become about the baby. Every mother wants the best for her baby and sacrifices on her mental and physical health to fulfill the babies need. Only by taking care of yourself one can give the best to her baby. You have to realize your body has been through a lot during these 9 months and it’s not even as hard as motherhood is going to be. Being able to balance your family and the baby will take some practice. Here are steps you should follow to take care of yourself

Eat right

Your body is exhausting from all the strain it has had to go through, it is important to get all your nutrition back on track. Eating food that is high in nutrients like fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products, and proteins. 

Get enough sleep

Sleep becomes a distant memory after childbirth, being exhausted all day helps no one. Get sleep whenever you can do not matter if it’s for a smaller duration. It will help with all the tiredness

Get Moving

If your doctor is okay with you exercising make sure you get some activity during the day, it can be walking or simply exercising that does not cause any strain in your body.

Get help

There is no shame in getting help to get a little rest. It can be your partner, family or friends. There is no point of overburdening yourself.


Make sure you get plenty of water around the day especially if you are breastfeeding, 90 percent of breastmilk consists of water. Water will also keep your body and organs hydrated.


It is okay to feel blue after pregnancy it is very normal in new mothers. Your hormones play an important role in this process. It is better to be expressive of your feelings to your partner or loved one. You can also consult a doctor if they seem to be getting out of hand. Being expressive helps you feel better and help in recognizing if there is a major problem.

Set realistic goals

Wanting to lose all the gained pregnancy weight quickly, waking up as soon as the baby cries, sleep training the baby within months of birth all sounds great but it is completely unrealistic to do all of that, give yourself a break and set goals that are achievable.

Get a break

Everything in your life surrounds around the baby, but no job can be done without needing breaks in the middle. Give yourself some time and go out to be alone for a while and just be. Ask your partner, friend, or family to help with the kid for a few hours.

Plan your day

Forgetting what to do is common, It is better to make list or just plan your day approximately will help your day be more efficient.

Postpone major life events

Planning for another baby, or changing job, cities or house can all wait for a few moths as of now you should be foucing on the baby and settlingh to the new life.

Taking care of your physical health and making efforts on your mental health is a great way to start your pregnancy, your body has been through major changes and will never be the same taking care of it is important for the welfare of your health which will directly affect the baby. Even though adjusting to the new life is going to be hard just make sure you give yourself plenty of time and avoid stress as much as you can.


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