10 Ways To Make Breastfeeding Easier!

breastfeeding techniques
breastfeeding techniques

Breastfeeding can be quite a task. Some of the new moms faces issues during breastfeeding. So, to avoid the wood logs related to breastfeeding we have gathered some experts advice to make your breastfeeding easier. The only thing I can say is breastfeeding is a mutual task of you and your baby. So, fix your eyes on the article.

Here are the 10 ways to make your breast feeding easier

Call woman who is done successfully with breastfeeding

In this case, a woman can help a woman. Ask them about the tips and techniques to make breastfeeding easier. Experience matters a lot in case of breastfeeding. So, ask your mother or you’re shy to talk about the topic of breastfeeding ask one of your friends who is a mother.

Starting early can give you a good head start

We know that after delivery. a woman becomes exhausted and feels tired, But to have a good hold on pregnancy, you need to start early. After delivery, as soon as the doctor gives you baby to hold, cuddle him. Their hearing and touching senses are at a peak in the first hour of birth. And babies are wired in such way that they’re bound to find the breast. This helps them to latch on the breast involuntarily.

The baby is struggling

Sometimes babies become little fuzzy and struggles during feeding. In this case, uncover both of your breasts completely and gently place your unclothed baby on your chest. I know it’s inappropriate to uncover both the parts, you can use some blanket to cover it.

Engorgement problems

After you give birth to the baby, breasts swell and you might experience small amount and pain. They become tight and firm. This causes the problem to latch on your nipple. Baby needs milk feed every two to three hours. If a baby is having a problem, hand press or pump a bit of milk to make it better. And engorgement problems go away in 24 to 48 hours.

Use breast bump

Carrying a baby for nine months is not an easy job. And as the baby arrives, your night becomes sleepless. Take some rest. Tell your partner to feed the baby. This will help the daddy to bond with the baby. And will give mummy a relaxation time. And to maintain your body milk supply, pumping session is important.

Going back to work

If you’re planning going back to work, pumping will help you to feed your baby. Practicing will help you to pump out the milk fast. And feeding baby in the morning after he wakes up is very important. So, you can nurse your baby on one side of your breast and practice with the other.

Talk to your employer

Some woman continues to breastfeed even after coming to the office. And you need to pump the milk out your breasts in office hours. And it’s legal to pump out the milk during the work day. So, your employer and you can discuss a private so you can pump the milk out effectively, without any interruptions.

Their little feet!

Well, they look so cute. But according to experts and woman’s experience, it is found that babies nurse better when their little feet are touching is something. Like a chair or table. The reason is that it makes them feel secure.

How to deep latch?

Deep latching makes sure that the baby is engrossed feeding himself. So, to do that, make sure that your belly and baby’s stomach touch each other. It makes sure that he doesn’t have to move his head. And also take care that doesn’t push the baby’s head.

Baby’s breastfeeding time

Don’t look over the clock and count in the minutes. If the baby comes out of one breast, offer him the second breast righ away.

We hope that you liked this article. Share to your pregnant friends and make them feel confident.


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