Third Trimester Pregnancy Week By Week

Third Trimester Pregnancy
Third Trimester Pregnancy

This is your last stage of pregnancy. I’m glad you could make it till here! Well, I hope that you’re sufficed by our first trimester and second trimester pregnancy week by week. At this stage, the excitement of your baby by his move into the belly and by your eyes can be totally seen. Well, I know you must be tired of all nausea. But everything is worth for your loved ones, right?

When does the third trimester of pregnancy starts?

The third trimester of the pregnancy starts from 29th week and normally ends by 40th week. At this stage, you might have frequent visits to ob-gyn. It is important to check that everything is normal with you and the baby. To stay active during the third trimester you can try yoga and Pilates. Now, let’s get over to the main point.

Body and Baby changes during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Week 29

You will have some heartburn during this stage. This is due to the stomach acids that are pushed upwards due to the baby, throws up till your throat. This is the best time to go for maternity leave. If you’re having a severe headache, high blood pressure, and blurred vision. It can be a symptom of preeclampsia. It is a condition which is marked by a high level of proteins in urine. Consult your health care provider.

Week 30

Baby is covered with white greasy substance over his skin called “vernix”. It gets disappears by now. The lungs are developing and kidneys are fully functioning. By this time your baby measures 17 inches and controlling its own body temperature. Pregnant women discomfort increases towards pelvis and abdomen. The amniotic acid also called a bag of water diminishes.

Week 31

By this time baby is practicing opening his eyes and breathing. You will gain 200 grams every week. Your uterus occupies large space of your abdomen. The baby fills up all the space in the uterus but still have space to do some movements.

Week 32

The baby measures 32 weeks. There’s nothing big changes in your body. You might feel itchy on the stomach, this is because it becomes stretchy. This is normal. If there are rashes on your hand or hands, it can get it worse at night. Call your doctor to check if you are diagnosed with obstetric cholestasis. This is a liver disease and can be dangerous to the baby if not treated.

Week 33

In this seven weeks, baby will gain almost half of the weight. The baby’s nervous system of baby is fully developed by now. By this stage, you might have gained 22-25 pounds of weight.

Week 34

All the organs are fully developed except the lungs. The skin is pink now. The size of the baby is the size of a small melon. For these six weeks, indulge in more 200 calories for your baby development. You might feel contractions, but these are Braxton Hicks contractions.

Week 35

The baby is building the fat to keep himself warm. Lungs are on the verge of its full development. Many women have bad dreams about pregnancy and labor. It is normal to have bad dreams.

Week 36

Baby lungs are fully developed now. He/she will be dropping down the abdomen. The brain is developing rapidly. If you find that you’re urine is leaking when you’re laughing or coughing. It’s normal among the pregnant woman. This is due to the pelvic muscles preparing for labor.

Week 37

The baby is getting more pinkier every day and losing all the old age wrinkles. Well, don’t forget to prepare for your hospital bag from now. You don’t want any frustration during rush hours.

Week 38

Just two more weeks and your baby is out! Baby is getting antibodies to protect from illness. The baby is ready to come out. By now, the baby’s growth is slowing.

Week 39

The strength of the baby increases. Their toes and legs gets stronger.If you give birth to a boy, their testicles will be swollen, this is just due to hormones.

Week 40

Baby comes out just around two weeks of your due date. If the bundle of delight is still not out! He will out by this week and flourish your life with happiness. The baby’s weight will be 3 to 4 kg by now. All the best for that!

We hope this article helped you with all the body and baby changes.



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