First Trimester Pregnancy

First Trimester of pregnancy
First Trimester of pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy news. Now, you need to know about body changes and baby developments during your first-trimester journey. Before we start with the article, I need to tell you that it’s going to be one of the enthralling and joyful journeys of your life. It will mesmerizing and reminiscing for you.

First Trimester of pregnancy!

So, it’s the early stage of pregnancy. This is the time you might not look pregnant but there are chances you’re feeling it. The body hormones is preparing itself to host the baby for nine months and you need to serve it all, what the baby needs. You will have some temporary discomforts but everything is worth for a baby. It will become one of the most important part of your child.

How many weeks the first trimester exists?

First trimester exists for almost 13 weeks of pregnancy. Many times a pregnant woman don’t jot down the start of pregnancy that makes it difficult to calculate the due date. So, do it now.

Baby changes during the first trimester!

Baby changes from fertilized egg to a embryo. It implants itself in the wall of uterine wall. And as the day passes, the body formation of the baby starts. Let’s look over the baby changes during first trimester.

Week 1:

Your baby is yet to be conceived. Your body gets ready for fertilization. The symptoms are vaginal bleeding. You might have lower cramps or ache.

Week 2:

In the second week, fertilization occurs and egg meets sperm. You might notice red or brown tinge near your underwear.

Week 3:

You will get an idea that you’re pregnant after three two weeks or in the early third week. You will find out by the end of the third week if your period cycle is shorter then 28 days. In the third week, your baby looks like a tiny group of cells.

Week 4:

Your baby is the size of the poppy seed. It is known as blastocyst at this point. It finally settles into the uterus and the embryo finally starts developing. A baby fact for you. The baby’s brain is not bigger than a grain of salt until the fourth week of pregnancy.

Week 5:

The baby starts developing organs of the body.
The neural tube along your baby back is closed and organs start forming. Technically heart is the first functional organ of the baby to start its development It starts to pump and beat around the 5th week of pregnancy.

Week 6:

By 6 weeks of pregnancy, baby’s arm, hand, and feet bud out and face starts forming the shape. At this point, your race to pee begins again!

Week 7:

Your baby is the size of a blueberry. At this point, your baby’s achy breasts start to grow. It doesn’t matter if your baby is a boy or girl.

Week 8:

By the week of 5th or 8th, skin formation starts with hair follicles. Nail beds are formed during the 11th week. Your baby is now the size of Rasberry. The baby also develops taste buds at this stage of pregnancy.

Week 9:

Your baby has become fetus now. The uterus has expanded to fit in your baby. And by the early nine weeks of pregnancy, morning sickness becomes the picture of your nine-month journey. But there are many ways to avoid it. It’s the week you most probably hear your baby’s heartbeat.

Week 10:

You might be able to show off your baby bump. Baby has a working arm joint. Fingernails are also forming too. In 10 weeks of actual pregnancy, you need to fight with constipation. Increase your fiber intake.

Week 11:

In this week, you can slay around with your baby bump. Get your work done from the people. Jokes apart, the baby looks like a human now. Buy some maternity clothes now as your breast will get enlarged.

Week 12:

At this point, the baby has got all its important organ. And the only thing you need to supply the baby with all essentials and let him grow.

Week 13:

This is the last week of your first trimester. Congrats yourself on completing the one-third of your journey. At this point, you can detect the baby’s gender.

We hope that you have got the information about the first trimester of the baby development


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