10 Ways To Make Pregnancy More Fun!

make pregnancy fun
make pregnancy fun

If you want to be pregnant or are already pregnant and looking over 10 fun fall ways during pregnancy, then you’re at right place. Pregnancy comes with lot of anxiety and pressure. Downloading several apps to track your pregnancy, following the diet plans, and the list goes on. A mother to be should not overload it’s shoulder with more weight! You can’t carry the weight of two at one time! So, Netflix and chill? Not exactly,

Let’s look over the 10 ways to make pregnancy awesome and fun loving!

Get a good sleep

Yes, this should be your priority. We know that you might be sleeping for hours to compensate after baby born insomnia. So, how can you have a good sleep? Buy body pillow. It doesn’t matter how do you sleep, it will revamp its contours. It helps to support your body during pregnancy. What more do you want?

Move a little bit

Yes, I’m talking of exercise. I know many of them don’t like to exercise. But it’s high time to exercise your body. If you start exercising just before pregnancy, it will deluge you with many benefits. It will help you to ease down your aches during pregnancy. Just 30 minutes out of the whole 18 hours is not a lot to ask.

Back to school

I mean join birth classes. Anxiety hits in as the due date come closer. Well, birth classes will give your anxiety a chill pill. It gives you confidence during labor. They will discuss your fears and support on your D-day!

Go shopping

Ice creams and shopping will help you to revive and heal you. But let’s give the ice cream a back seat. Go for shopping! Buy some maternity clothes for yourself. Go shopping for your newborn. Newborn shopping is more fun than your shopping. So, get of your house, feel the fresh air and cash out some money.

Explore the food world

I just said you need to exercise to keep your self healthy. But during your second and third trimester, you need to double up your food intake. Exploring the snacks world like nutella[ who doesn’t like chocolates?] and some creams won’t hurt you.

Calm down

Oh shit, it’s just very easy to calm down when someone says it. I hope you understand sarcasm. You need to calm down your anxiety by trying your hands on Yoga. Yoga will help your body and mind well being.

Think about nesting baby’s room

Your baby would be out in some months, you need to nest your baby’s room with playful toys, crib, introducing vibrant colors to baby’s room. Don’t do it alone. Call your partner and tell him to help you. It will rekindle your relationship.

Gender reveal party

If you’re thinking about getting pregnant or in the early stage of pregnancy, you can’t miss out gender reveal party. It’s a great way to tell people that you’re expecting a baby boy or girl. Hit the google for the gender reveal party ideas or open the lid of your creative mind.

Baby Bump journal

Pregnancy journey is no less than the most reminiscing time of your time. You need to preserve the memories by capturing pictures. And capturing the moments from first baby bump to giving birth to the baby is just out of the world. Get out the camera and pose.

Go on a date

The First-time woman is always sitting on the edge of the seat for new updates on the baby. Keeping track on contraction, doctor appointments, avoiding food during pregnancy. Give one day break. Go on a date with your partner and spend quality time with each other.

We hope that this article was helpful to you. Well, if you want your pregnant friends to have some moments and make pregnancy more joyous then share this article. And it will keep them into reading.


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