10 Pregnancy Myths

Pregnancy Myths
Pregnancy Myths

As happy as it is of becoming a mother, it is equally stressful especially if it is your first time. There are many pregnancy myths floating on internet. From friends, family, internet, books, magazines have there share of Do’s and Don’ts. It can get confusing with so many opinions and suggestions. While not all of them are wrong some are pure non sense

Here are 10 Pregnancy Myths and facts:

Occasional glass of wine is harmless

Fact :
A mother who has consumed alcohol during pregnancy may put her baby at risk of FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder). Babies of mothers who’ve consumed alcohol also have a higher chance of having congenital disabilities, brain, and cell damage. Alcohol should be avoided at all cost during pregnancy.

Eating for two

A pregnant woman only needs to add a portion of extra calories to support the baby and not have meals that are made for two people, just an added snack is enough to fulfill the nutritional needs of the baby. The exact quantity of calories depends on the weight, height, level of activity of the women, as well as the trimester of pregnancy. On average, women need to consume about 300-400 extra calories to their regular calorie intake during pregnancy.

Shouldn’t bathe too often

Taking showers on a regular basis is important to keep germs away from the baby and the mother that could possibly harm it. However, taking very hot showers should be avoided as it could raise your body temperature and lead to developmental problems in the baby. As a general rule, avoid bathing in water hot enough to raise your body temperature over 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Water temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is considered safe for pregnant women.

Shouldn’t have sex during pregnancy

Sex does not induce labour. It is completely safe to engage in intercourse with your partner during pregnancy provided you take needed precautions.
If your doctor has advise you against it if you have complications like placenta praevia, a dilated cervix, cervical insufficiency, ruptured membranes, abnormal discharge, and if you are at the risk of premature labour.

Pregnant women shouldn’t exercise

Regular, moderate exercise is safe during pregnancy. It may also help you prepare for the delivery. Doctors often advise women to engage in moderate exercises for the same reason. However, it is important not to overwork yourself and seek permission from your doctor before engaging in any exercise. Regular some form of exercising is helpful for the fitness of the mother

Spicy food induces labour

It is pretty common amongst women who are late on there due date and often try a lot of things to induce labour, there is no evidence to support this myth. The only disadvantage of eating spicy food is the heartburn, gas and acidity. Moderate amount of spicy food is harmless.

Pregnant women shouldn’t pet cats

Pregnant women as asked to stay away from cats to prevent getting in contact with parasites. This myth isn’t entirely wrong, you don’t have to completely stay away from them just clean your cat litters as it contains a virus that may cause toxoplasmosis infection. 

If you have heartburn your baby will have more hair on the scalp

There is a belief that if you have regular heartburn, your baby will have a lot of hair on the scalp. It has no scientific backing up. The genes of the baby determine how much hair they will have on their scalp. as of the heartburn is concerned it is caused due to baby pushing against the stomach forcing acid into the oesophagus. It can also be due to an increase in progesterone hormone which relaxes the valve between the oesophagus and the stomach, making it difficult to prevent the stomach acid from getting back into the oesophagus.

You shouldn’t raise your hands above your head

It is believed that raising your arm above your head during pregnancy may cause the umbilical cord to wrap itself around the baby’s neck. There is no scientific backing up against this myth and it is completely okay to stretch your hands above your head during pregnancy.

You can not take flight during pregnancy

Flying during pregnancy isn’t safe for the baby due to the radiation in the airport scanners and due to the long duration of some flights. Flights longer than 5 hours can cause problems especially if you are prone to blood clots. If you are perfectly fine and have consulted with your doctor it is okay to take flights. However, some airlines have restriction of pregnant women in their late pregnancy to avoid labour on route.

Not everything you hear from your family and friends during pregnancy is untrue some of them does have some truth to it, and some are just very personal to each mother. Help everyone by sharing these pregnancy myths. The best way to not get carried away with all of these suggestions is to talk to your doctor and ask questions.


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