11 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Sign Of Pregnancy
Sign Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy ride can be no less than a roller coaster ride. Well, there are baby “bumps” and twirling of your baby in the womb. So, if your partner and you are trying to conceive, any single pregnancy signal makes you skip your heart beat. If you’re excited to have a baby. the red-pink lines on it will make you jump high and roll tears of joy in your eyes. So, let’s look over signs of pregnancy!

What are the 11 Early signs of pregnancy?

The zygote is formed?

The signs of pregnancy hit in during the fourth or the fifth week after the conception. According to the data, 71% of woman gets to know that they’re pregnant at the end of six weeks and 89% at the end of eight weeks. The best thing is to hit the stores and get a pregnancy test but they aren’t 100% sure about it!

Popular signs of pregnancy

Your areolas i.e. skin around the nipples get darker and larger after the one or two weeks of natural conception. This is one of the popular signs of pregnancy. If you zoom in over your breast and can now look over the veins, it’s one of the symptoms. And one of the most popular belief is that you form bumps around the edge of areolas. This is called Montgomery tubercles. Formed to lubricate the nipples, once the baby is there!


A light pink or brown spotting before the period is due can be the early signs of pregnancy. It’s called implantation bleeding. This usually happens after a week or two after conception. The reason behind is that the fertilized eggs travel down to fallopian tubes and settle on your uterus, Only one-fourth population of woman experiences it!


The first sign of pregnancy can be swollen breast. It might be the case due to their monthly menstrual cycle but the pain and sore breast for a longer time than expected! The hormonal changes occur in the body if you have conceived, there is an increase in blood flow and thus pain in breasts!

Fatigue Cycle

It’s not from the daily stress at the office. Well, the fatigue that the energy of your body gets lost in form of nutrients to fulfill your baby needs. This is not the normal fatigues, it’s the excessive fatigue.

Let me go to Loo

If you’re having your normal water intake and urinating more then usual, then it can be the early signs of pregnancy. it happens because of the rise in HCG hormone once the egg is implanted.

Not a good morning

You wake up and vomit, it’s one of the ancient known early signs of pregnancy. The morning sickness also hit up with shots of nausea. So, if you’re suffering morning sickness then congratulations.

Where is my period?

A missed period is also one of the early signs of pregnancy and known to most of the world. If your egg is fertilized now, you will surely miss the period.

Where is my food?

A pregnant woman is more hungry then the usual. The reason behind is still vague. But if your cravings for food has increased suddenly, then limit your unprocessed meat and caffeine intake! Bad for the baby!

I can smell everything:

If your smelling power has escalated then it’s possible that you’re pregnant[ in case you made love with your partner lately]


The sudden increase or start of abdominal pain or swelling of body parts is normal during pregnancy. It is due to the boost of progesterone and estrogen in the body! If it is confirmed that you’re pregnant, how to avoid swollen or pain in your body? Consume small meals and stay away from fried foods!

We hope that you have found this article useful. And all the content on this website is for informational purposes. It’s recommended to call an ob-gyn. Well, share this article to mom to be friends and help them to find their good news!


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