10 Pregnancy Test At Home!

pregnancy test at home
pregnancy test at home

It’s simple to go over the drug store and ask for pregnancy kit. But checking if you’re pregnant by not buying a kit, is a whole different thing. In ancient times, a woman checked if they’re pregnant with the help of the home remedies. Sounds cool, right? So what are the home remedies to check out if you’re pregnant or not!

A lot of the below pregnancy tests can be easily conduct at home. Do you know there are benefits of doing natural pregnancy tests. What are they? Look down!

  • If you think you will have an unplanned pregnancy, a natural pregnancy test will be quicker for you.
  • In some of the part of the world, a woman does not go out and ask for pregnancy kits. Hence, a natural pregnancy test can be easier for them
  • Home tests is cheaper then pregnancy kits.
  • Don’t have to go out of home,

10 Natural pregnancy tests at home!

Toothpaste pregnancy test

To use this test, the toothpaste color should be white as colored toothpaste can interfere with results. In this test, the amount of urine to use for the test is not mentioned. Therefore, the result can vary.

To use this test, the toothpaste color should be white as colored toothpaste can interfere with reults. In this test, the amount of urine to use for the test is not mentioned. Therefore, the result can vary.

What to do?

You need a clean bowl. Two tablespoons of toothpaste and a sample of urine passed in the morning. Mix all of them one by one. In case of positive results, the toothpaste color turn to frothy and in the end turns bluish! In case of negative results, no reaction would occur.

Sugar Test

This test is one of the common test done by woman

What to do?

You need a clean bowl. One tablespoon of sugar and fresh urine from the morning. A pregnant woman contains Hormone chorionic gonadotropin[HCG] And this does not allow sugar to dissolve in urine. In case of negative results, the sugar gets dissolve in urine,

Mustard Powder pregnancy test

Muster helps for inducing periods. So, in case you have missed your periods. Go for this pregnancy test.

What to do?

In this case, add half or three-fourth of cup in half tub water. And immerse yourself for 20-25 minutes. And wait for 2-3 days. If you’re pregnant, you again miss the inducing power of mustard.

Soap pregnancy test

In this test, you can use any color soap or fragrance test. The only criteria is that it should be handy enough.

What to do?

Add two tablespoon of morning fresh urine on soap. If the bubble and froth appears, it’s most likely you’re pregnant. No pregnancy equals to no bubbles or forth,

Shampoo Pregnancy test

The advantage of this test that the results can be observed faster then the above test

What to do?

Add two drops of shampoo and little water to form soapy solution and sway it little to avoid foaming, If the solution froth or form bubbles that means you’re pregnant and if nothing appears, you’re not. Simple logic

Dettol pregnancy test.

Dettol. Yes, there is Dettol pregnancy test. If you don’t what is dettol. It is antiseptic to treat minor cuts.

What to do?

Pour one tablespoons of dettol and add three tablespoons of urine. Make sure that ratio is one is to three. Wait for five to seven minutes. If the Dettol separates from urine or urine forms a upper layer then you’re pregnant.And in case, solution mixes, you’re not pregnant.

Wheat and Barley test

In the 15th century France, it was found that wheat germinates three times faster with help of pregnant woman urine then water.

What to do?

This process takes time. Add wheat and barley seeds into the bowl and use fresh morning urine on it. If the wheat germinates after two to three days, then you’re pregnant. Who will wait for 2-3 days?

Bleaching Powder test

To wash your clothes you use bleaching agent and it is also used for pregnancy test

What to do?

First of all, add bleaching powder in the bowl and add fresh morning urine to it. If there are bubbles or forth as soon as you add urine, then you’re pregnant!

Storing Urine pregnancy test

Urine will be like, “We don’t need extra agents, I’m enough for myself”. Urine is stored in a jar’

What to do?

Get a clean jar and add fresh first pass morning urine to it. Close the lid and wait for 24 hours. If there is some thin layer on top of it, it’s more likely that you’re pregnant and if not, you’re not pregnant!

Salt pregnancy test

Salt can be available anywhere. And it’s one of the most effective pregnancy test,

What to do?

Add two pinch of salt[like salt bae] and add fresh morning urine into the clean bowl. If you observe white creamy clumps formed, congratulations you’re pregnant.

The tests are not 100% accurate. As this are DIY tests, external factors affects the results! We hope this article was helpful for you.


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