How To Make Baby Sleep!

Baby Sleep
Baby Sleep

First of all, congratulations on having a baby. We hope that it was a reminiscing and mesmerizing journey as a mother. There were many roadblocks in between but you cleared them all. Not breaking down through an excruciating labor pain is a commendable task. And you have made it! Now, your sleep is not your best friend but you want to be at least friends again. Baby making your one of the breasts look out of shape and making you ditch your sleep is one of the stifled laughs you will experience in your life. But now. how to make baby sleep is your priority. At the end of the article, you might sleep a sound sleep.

Here are the 8 strategies to make your baby sleep!

  • When your baby is done: Breastfeeding makes your baby to knock off all bacteria’s and viruses. And you need to breastfeed your baby for at least six months. So, when your baby drifts off your breast by own, it’s good to time to make infant sleep. Put down baby for sleep just before he/she nods of the breasts. It’s a human psychology that they feel sleep after having food. And same goes for baby.
  • Don’t look at your baby: You cherish your baby and can look at him/her for hours. But if you want to make the baby sleep, you need to stop looking at your baby. According to Claire Lerner[ a senior parenting adviser], “Parents who make eye contact with sleepy babies inadvertently encourage them to snap out of their sleep zone”. If you look over the baby, he/she thinks it’s still playing time and engage in different activities. So, instead of looking at the baby’s adorable eyes, look at her belly and soothe him/her with a gentle touch.
  • Light up baby’s life: It’s kind of sleep training for baby. Make your baby know the difference between darkness and bright sun. Engage the baby outside during the day, making it more playful for him/her. And as sun resides, turn on the dimmers at home. It will help to induce sleep mood in the baby. In case, if baby wakes up, don’t take your infant into a bright room. Instead, make him sleep him again by gentling touching baby’s body.
  • Diapers: Surveys that a baby at least pees for more than 10 times in a day. And it can extend it 20 times! Well, you do not need to change the diapers, every time the baby wakes up. Use a high-quality night diaper that will not the baby cry around in the middle of the night. If you think that it’s important to change the diapers. use a warm wiper instead.
  • Subconscious feed: It is also called a dream feed. If your baby wakes up in the middle of the night and sounds hungry, dream feed can be the one-stop solution. Just before you go to the sleep, take your baby gently out of the crib and open his mouth just enough to latch on your nipple. It will help the baby to sleep for long stretches!
  • Stop irritating your kids: Not with your love but with the colorful jammies. Some of the babies are found to be allergic to synthetic fibers. Thus try to buy jammies which are made up of cotton. So, stop hindering baby’s sleep by saying no to synthetic fibers.
  • Learn how to make burritos: It’s unsafe to have burritos during pregnancy but you should not forget to make burritos. Yes, these are burritos for babies. Babies are wrapped in a womb and as soon as they come out, if you don’t fit him with burrito shaped cover, it might disturb his/her slumber. So, learn how to make burritos
  • Hugs and Kisses: Babies love your gentle touch, they love how you snuggle and kiss them. It makes them feel secure and loved leading to a sound sleep. And also don’t give them silent treatment as they’re used to sound of your body like of your stomach and heart continuously.

We hope that these strategies will help you to make your baby sleep. If you found this article useful, share to all the mom stricken by insomniacs!


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