How To Help Dad Bond With Baby?


Focusing on a pregnant woman is important but you can’t forget your partner. Sometimes it difficult to bond baby with daddy. If you are having difficulties to bond your partner with the baby. We will make you believe that you’re in the right place. There are some fun ways to do that.

There are 15 ways to bond baby with dad.

Hold him similar like your partner

While breastfeeding, a woman holds the baby in such a way that the baby gazes up to the mother. Similarly, a father needs to do the same thing while bottle feeding the baby.

Helping during breastfeeding

Woman does the whole thing during breastfeeding. So, does that mean a dad can’t do anything during breastfeeding? No. He can help the baby to burp. It will help him to bond with the baby!

Night Shift

Woman can’t take care of the baby all day and night. She needs some rest. In this case, you can tell your partner to take night shifts. This will help to bond the baby. But don’t forget to fill the bottle in fridges for night feeding. Dad can also help the baby to change the diapers and dressed

Cuddle and snuggle baby

Make sure that your partner helps you to calm baby or make him/her baby crying. The bonding between dad and baby enhances if he tries to soothe him. Taking baby for a walk or a gentle rock will make baby smile! That’s the time baby will know that daddy is also there to take care.

Become Joey

Well, he can make more silly and funny faces then Chandler. Let’s not get into the debate. Making funny faces will glow your baby’s face and try some fun games.

Bedtime story can help

Babies are used to their momma’s voice all the time. Telling the baby bedtime story will lure him and make your voice familiar. Look at baby’s eyes whenever your partner talk will also help to bond with baby. But just don’t do when the baby is about to sleep. If you stare, it makes the baby look that it’s still a fun time.

Use sling

Bonding with a baby can’t be done by putting him/her into the stroller. Try using a carrier or sling to keep baby close to your heart. Go for a walk and relish the fresh hair. And take care that the baby is slathered in sunscreen.

Baby massage time!

Gently rub baby’s legs, belly arms to make him/her happier. Babies respond to touch and responds back with a smile.

Bath time

Your partner might not be aware of the baby’s bath. Involve in baby’s bath time. It’s great to see when your partner bonds with baby. Holding the slippery baby properly just makes you happy and make him feel confident.

Let’s dance

Even your partner is not a dancer, groom your partner to dance with the baby. Baby loves music and dance. You might have seen them moving their hand and legs while sitting. Hold them and shake them a bit to give the feeling. As they grow up, as they stand up help him to learn some steps.

Sick day

We hope that none of your kids get sick but if they, don’t leave them alone. It’s a good time to bond father with the baby. Father will help play a great role to nurture the baby.

What if dad feels distant from baby?

Consult a doctor

Like mother, a father can go through postpartum depression. Almost 10% of father goes through parental postpartum depression(PPD). If the symptoms exceeds more then two weeks, go to the altar of medical professional.

We hope you liked our article and if you do, share to your friends if they are confused about daddy bonding!


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