10 Things You Didn’t About New Borns!

things to know about newborns
things to know about newborns

Babies are cute and their birth rejoices your life with happiness. But Mommy to be, did you read about the 10 things you didn’t about newborn babies? After spending nine months in your womb and finally getting into the world feels amazing. Your sacrifices by avoiding the food and taking care of the baby by maintaining a balanced diet is totally worth it.Well, if you didn’t. In this article, we will unveil about the strange facts of the baby that might astonish you. So, scroll down

Let’s clean the baby

We know that umbilical cord stump goes away after a few weeks. But until then, don’t ever think of taking your baby into the pool ride. Clean your baby with a sponge. When umbilical cord falls off, there are chances the stump part will bleed. Don’t worry it’s normal.

Handle with Care

It might be offensive to tell babies are no less than a fragile object. But you need to handle them with care. Hold your baby’s neck and back of the baby gently. Their neck born is very weak at birth. So, just make their head act as a cantilever beam!

Their poop doesn’t stink

I am just talking about their first poop. It might sound “Eww” but their black tar doesn’t smell because it doesn’t have any gut bacteria. As the day passes it’s color will change from yellow to final brown!

Baby’s got erections

Are we kidding? Noways. It happens before they pee. So their penis just elongates and it’s nothing to be ashamed. It’s also visible in the ultrasound!

I want more food!

Yes, the baby will tell you if he/she wants more food or it’s enough. The baby’s weight drops off during the early weeks by 5 to 8%. But it should gain weight next week. And Baby needs to be fed over 2-3 hours intervals.

Don’t worry if the skin is dry

Babies are in fluids for nine months and directly hits the air, that dries them off. Well, babies have dry skins for a few weeks. If you’re too concerned about baby’s dry skin, you can try hypoallergenic baby lotion which is fragrance free. And don’t worry about diaper rashes or acne, it will gradually go away!

Stay away from the crowd

Babies don’t like the crowded place, They just like to be with their mother and father for at least a few weeks of birth. Therefore, take care that you don’t over stimulate your baby!

“I take short naps”

Babies usually don’t sleep for long stretches, We know that babies need food every 2-3 hours of interval. This reduces their sleep time. But as soon as they’re three months their sleep time gets closed to six to eight hours of the day.

Expectation hurts

Well, it’s the story of real life. But if we talk about the baby, it’s no less then a human who complaints over small things. Don’t expect anything or any rewards. Wait for at least six weeks to respond to your love.

Baby breasts

But your baby is a boy? Well, baby got baby boobs at the initial stage of his/her life. It happens because a mother’s hormones sometimes work overtime and pass it through the placenta.

Baby stops breathing

It’s a panic situation, right? But no. Sometimes baby stops breathing for eight to ten seconds while sleeping.

I don’t cry

Until people don’t see your tears they assume you didn’t cry. But in the case of babies, they have crocodile tears. Don’t expert their tears before two weeks of their age!

We hope that you have enjoyed articles on baby facts or things you didn’t know about baby. Startle your mother to be friends and make them feel that’s it completely normal if any of the things happen that’s jotted down above.


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